Important Dates:During/After Civil War

The Civil War brought the end to Slaves working in the fields.  Here are the dates:

1857-The panic of 1857 occurred and the south’s cotton empire was not effected. Showed the resilience of the south.

From, as seen, life for freedmen was harsh and cruel.

1860-Lincoln won the four-way race for presidency, leading up to the war.

1861-Seven states succeeded from the union, starting the war.

1863-Emancipation proclamation foreshadowing the loss of southern workforce.

Obtained from, the proclamation led the way toward the freedom of blacks and also angered white plantation owners

1865-Thirteenth Amendment ratified effectively freeing all black slaves, angering plantation owners. It led to the sharecropping system.

1865-The south passed black codes disabling the former slaves from work, forcing them back to plantations.

1866-14th amendment passed, making plantation owners lose more hold on their workers.

From, the 14th amendent gave citizenship toward blacks and weakened plantation owner's hold.

1870-The 15th amendment was passed, effectively making plantation owners lose most of their authority towards blacks.

~Jeremy Diaz


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